PMP’S Best Friend


It’s no secret that there’s lots of lots of task management software out there.  The problem is that most of them emphasize graphics and good looks over functionality.   Kanban style block desktops and apps which require a lot of screen real estate to show individual tasks look really great but the information density is very poor and requires you to scroll all over to find the main thing you want out of a task manager which is ‘what are the most important things that I need to do today and in which order should I work on them’.  

PMP’s Best Friend is intended to be used by someone who is a project manager or business owner or sales professional who needs balance many tasks at one time.  The main focus of PMP’s Best Friend is to allow you to see as much information on the main display as possible.   It has all of the advantages of a Kanban board without having to deal with Kanban bloat or the feeling that you are adding entries you never find again into a unsearchable black hole.

    #    Supports multiple, separate, searchable tasks lists with easy, fast switching between lists

    #    Tasks are displayed one per line on the a scrollable expandable multi-line screen

    #    Individual task entries expandable to hold plenty of supplemental information

    #    Future dated tasks don’t appear until they are due unless desired

    #    Tasks are sorted by user selected priority and status settings

    #    Tasks can be tagged by multiple user created searchable tags

    #    Completed tasks are saved on a separate searchable sublists

    #    New follow up tasks can be created as existing tasks or as tasks are completed

    #    Mass spreadsheet import and csv export functions included

    #    Daily backups can be scheduled and there is a fast, easy restore process

Let’s start looking at the how this thing works and how it looks.  Click through these quick guides to get a better idea of what PMP’s Best Friend can do for you:

Main screen quick guide
Task maintenance quick guide

Available on the Mac Apple store - click here